Change out 1 pickup...$35

Change out 2 pickups...$50

Change out 3 pickups...$60

Replace Telecaster bridge pickup...$55

Install 1 EMG (does not include battery)...$55 and up

Install 2 EMGs (does not include battery)...$65 and up

Install 3 EMGs (does not include battery)...$70 and up

Install EMG(s) with 9 volt battery rout under pick guard...add $30

Route and drill wiring channel for 9 volt battery box (does not include part)...$60

Re-solder or repair pickup leads...$35

Add tap wire to humbucking pickup...$50

Install cover on a humbucker (does not include parts)...$30

Install covers on 2 humbuckers (does not include parts)...$45

Replace pickguard on electric guitar...$40 and up

Route and drill body for pickup...$65

Route pick guard for pickup...$35

Install synthesizer pickup...$50

Install Fishman Power Bridge...$100

Replace or repair output jack...$15 and up

Replace potentiometer...$30 and up

Replace toggle switch...$25

Replace selector switch...$40

Install mini-toggle switch or push-pull pot...$35 and up

Install super switch...$50

Install preamp...$45 and up

Re-solder bad joints...$25

Clean noisy pots and/or switch contacts...$20

Hum and electrostatic shielding...$55

Drill for side mount jack plate...$55

Run tailpiece ground on solid body guitar...$35 and up

Replace 9 volt battery...$20

Custom wiring or rewiring...$70/hour, $25 minimum

NOTE: All arch top electrics (i.e. ES-175, ES-335, etc.) require a $50 minimum bench fee.

Please note that our price list reflects total operating expenses plus time. Prices are for labor only and DO NOT INCLUDE PARTS. Estimates are subject to change, depending on hidden defects or unforeseen complications during repairs. We are NOT responsible for instruments left over 30 days after completion. Intstruments left 60 or more after completion will be sold to cover the cost of the repair. Repairs over $200.00 require a 50% deposit. Our minimum rush fee is $40.00 an up. All rush orders are done after normal business hours, and will be completed no sooner than the next business day, as work schedule permits.



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