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Q: The action on my guitar is really high, making it tough to play. What can I do to fix it?
A: Have it set-up properly. The different adjustments need to be set so they work together fluidly.

Q: I have a lot of fret do I get rid of it?
A: It could be as simple as a truss rod adjustment or the frets could be un-even and need leveling.

Q: How do I know if a guitar is worth what someone is asking for it?
A: Check prices at local vendors and online. Check out other guitars in the same price range.

Q: How can I determine what kind of guitar and amp are right for the type of music I want to play?
A: Research the type of gear your favorite bands use.

Q: I've own inexpensive guitar, and don't want to spend more on another instrument. How do I get the most from this one?
A: Have the guitar setup and replace the pickups and electronics with higher quality parts.

Q: Why won't my guitar play in tune? No matter what I do or how often I tune it, it never sounds right.
A: The intonation is off and needs to be set properly.

Q: Are American guitars better than imports?
A: Most of the time, however it depends on style, skill level and budget.

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Ron Pace knows guitars inside and out, after all, he's been playing them since 1973.

Ron worked for Robin Guitars for over nine years. In that time he performed nearly every task involved with building guitars.

He has assembled and set up guitars for ZZ Top, Pink Floyd, White Zombie, Warrant, Clint Black, America, Slaughter, King's X, Lorrie Morgan Band, Galactic Cowboys, Dangerous Toys, Cry Wolf, South Gang, Tora Tora, Rowan Robertson (Ronnie James Dio), 24-7 Spyz, Misery and many others. Not bad, huh?

In addition to their own customers Pace Guitar Repair also handles the repair needs of all Houston area "Guitar Center" stores.


Left to right: Hoang Vu, Ron Pace, Vu Ngyuen


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