Install custom made bone saddle...$40

Install custom made compensated bone saddle...$55

Lower bridge (and saddle) height and slot string holes...$50 + setup

Re-slot bridge...$75

Remove and re-glue bridge...$100

Remove and re-glue bridge with pickup...$120

Make new bridge...$70 and up

Re-glue or repair rosette...$25

Re-glue broken or loose brace...$25 and up

Re-glue binding...$15 per inch and up

Repair crack (depends on complexity and touch up)...$75 and up

Reset neck angle (may require re-fretting and finish touch up)...$260 and up

Acoustic Guitar Pickups

Saddle type with endpin jack...$45

Saddle type with 9 volt battery and endpin jack...$50

Pickup system with 9 volt battery and endpin jack...$60

Saddle type with EQ control side route...$95

Install or replace endpin jack only...$35

Please note that our price list reflects total operating expenses plus time. Prices are for labor only and DO NOT INCLUDE PARTS. Estimates are subject to change, depending on hidden defects or unforeseen complications during repairs. We are NOT responsible for instruments left over 30 days after completion. Intstruments left 60 or more after completion will be sold to cover the cost of the repair. Repairs over $200.00 require a 50% deposit. Our minimum rush fee is $40.00 an up. All rush orders are done after normal business hours, and will be completed no sooner than the next business day, as work schedule permits.



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